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Create a Fundraiser For Your School/Organization

Make 20% off of each 1-hour lifestyle session that is scheduled under your organization name.  If your group is larger than 25 people and you're already doing personal lifestyle portraits, make money in the process for your class or group!   You can also turn your pictures into posters, canvases, acrylic blocks, etc.!

STEP 1:  Signup

You will need a decision maker to sign-up for this opportunity (such as a class president, group organizer or school advisor).

We will reach back out and have a discussion to learn more about when we can schedule the fundraiser with your organization or school.

We will need to know when you want to start the fundraiser and have it end.  Sessions will planned over a 3-day weekends (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).  

This fundraiser is great for groups of 25 or more.

Register Your Organization

Thanks for submitting! 

We will get right back to you within 24 hours!


STEP 2:  Market to your Group to Schedule Individual / Group Sessions

Visionary Pix will send you a template flyer (and digital flyer) to use.  We will also setup a custom link for your group fundraiser to RSVP for each session.  

We will send various types of shots for students to select when they order:  Shadow-based shots, standard portraits, motion photography, shots with props!  Groups of 2 or more will be $50 additonal per person.

STEP 3:  Count Your Profits!

Visionary Pix will send a payout at the end of the fundraiser to the class in the form of a check.  We will keep a running tally for the group and send a weekly report of how much has been raised by their group until the fundraiser is over.


Interested or Have More Questions? 
Contact us at or (301) 495-0269

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