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Brian K. Smith

“Visions from a spirited, innovative entrepreneur with a desire to express his creativity through photography and videography”

Brian K. Smith has been creating art in so many forms since he was given a pad and pencil back in the day.  From initial exposure to art classes when he was young, Brian has been writing poetry, creating music and painting some of the most memorable things that has captured his attention throughout his life.  Now as an entrepreneur, Brian is finding ways to express his artistic ways and creative ideas through his innovative projects in the community.

What makes Brian’s work unique is his visionary outlook on beauty that is inspired by music.  Some of the music that influences several shots come from artists such as Musiq, H.E.R. Sabrina Claudio, Faith Evans, Aaliyah, Teedra Moses, Anita Baker, Ledisi, Alex Isley, and many other artists.  Brian loves to create memories that allow you to envision yourself living in an alternate timeline from your present.  His focus is to paint fantasies, dreams and beautiful images that can most commonly be seen in a person’s vision.

Brian graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with his degree in Electrical Engineering, while hosting a passion for leadership, poetry and outlets to showcase his talents in public speaking.  As a way to blend his creativity in his work over the years, Brian also showcases his talents through web development and graphic art in the magazines and brochures he’s created for his clients.

In concert with is work as a photographer, Brian travels to many places around the world to capture art create the ultimate vision for his clients.

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